Loulé - Greice Homes

Loule is a traditional market town and is one of the favorite places for sightseeing in the Centre of the Algarve. Loulé provides historical monuments, market and a traditional atmosphere.

The charming city centre with shopping streets, trees along the streets and side streets. The focal point of this city's covered market inspired by the Moors, and on Saturdays this market expands, including the streets to your surroundings. Other places to visit is the Castle and the municipal museum, the Chapel and its magnificent tiles and the convent of the Holy Spirit.

Is one of the largest residential areas in the interior of the Algarve, and has several accessible public transport making the connection to the Centre of the Algarve. This means that Loulé is easily accessible as a day trip or as an alternative to a vacation destination from which you can easily explore an entire region.