Faro - Greice Homes

In this town we can find a little bit of everything, full of history can enchant us with its walls, once inside it seems we entered in another space, a new era. To your church and convent, are definitely places to visit and meet.
In the bar the walls we can enjoy an excellent drink while you enjoy the spectacular sunsets that can be seen in Ria Formosa.
This is the same landscape that we observe a large number of species of shorebirds throughout the year. In Ria and during the tide empty, several fishermen get your seafood across the lagoon up to small sand banks, just discovered during the ebb tide and is this the same time the most offers to observe the animal life of the Natural Park.
Can choose to choose one of several maritime activities to enjoy a nice boat tour with experts often biologists that give you the meet the Laugh and all the birds that we can observe in the different seasons of the year.
If you want to do something more adventurous, you can also choose to canoe in Ria and feel nature much closer.
We recommend also a visit to the lighthouse Islands, island of Barreta/deserted and Culatra Island, all the Islands are distinct from each other and each with your beauty. To visit the Islands has at your disposal several vessels, with tour companies for a simple walk or Ferry to spend the day at the beach and see the Islands more fully.
The island the lighthouse has its typical houses, a lighthouse, cafes, bars and magnificent beaches. On Deserted island we can find only a restaurant and make a pedestrian for a direct contact with nature, or you can simply go for a swim to the beach. These islands make up the Division and entrance to the ocean and you can sometimes observe families of Dolphins that for there pass in search of food.
The airport is located a few kilometres away from the city centre, and is located in an area very close to the beach of Faro where you will also find cafés and catering for a pleasant afternoon.
The city has several monuments and being the District of Algarve has access to several facilities, hospitals, Court, universities, public schools, cafés, restaurants, etc.
Preserving the oldest profession, there are several traditional and regional cuisine restaurants which serve excellent fish dishes and fresh seafood, caught by fishermen from the area.
Throughout the year, bet on several events for the whole family and all tastes. One of the most well known and spoken will be the annual Faro that brings the charm to the older and younger, with several fun activities and various stalls and food and drink sales.