Albufeira - Greice Homes
Located in the Centre of the Algarve, in southern region of Portugal, Albufeira is the county seat and belongs to the administrative district of Faro that lies 39 km.
The coast is jagged cliffs markedly Mediterranean climate beaches: hot and dry summers and mild winters, with a reduced rainfall, particularly between the months of October to March and with an average annual temperature of around 17.5° c.
One of the main tourist regions of the country, Albufeira almost needs no introduction.
Tourism is the most important activity in the municipality of Albufeira. With the arrival of international tourism, Albufeira became part of the major tours.
Currently Albufeira is, without doubt, a margin of the main tourist centers of the country.
Geographically, the region has a 30 km distributed 23 beaches of fine sand and crystal clear water.
The area is the national level, one of the highest concentration of blue flags (European quality symbol of the beaches).
The restoration and the bars have expanded all over the County causing the nightlife is the hottest around the Algarve.