The construction market in the Algarve is not immune to problems. Make sure you're dealing with companies in good faith and make sure the contract documentation is specific.
The upside of the downturn is that companies usually have to be more competitive and have to be more in tune with the needs of customers. This has made companies strive more to achieve better results in terms of customer satisfaction.

There has been a tendency in recent years to more modern designs reflecting the influences of lifestyle of open-plan designs, glass and light, large living areas, kitchen, home cinemas and gymnasiums. Some still prefer the traditional style, but with a more contemporary interior.

Behind any provision, the structure must be adequate to cope with the climate in the Algarve, that is, very hot in summer, and short periods of rain in the winter, in the spring can be large variations in temperature between night and day of more than 20° c. Meaning and ensuring that structural projects are adhered with the correct materials, insulation and waterproofing systems that are able to cope with temperature changes.

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